PoCs & Pilots

With the insurance industry better comprehending the value of blockchain, the rate in which new pilots and PoCs hit the market is always on the rise.

While these pilots can be the product of a single company, they are often the result of a team effort across industry stakeholders, making it important to examine them from different perspectives. Whether you are looking for an insurance, client or business perspective, here you will find coverage on the biggest pilots to hit the market, straight from the people who made them happen.

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Ep.19 – Insurwave: the insurer’s perspective with MS Amlin and XL Catlin

Insurwave, the new marine insurance blockchain platform launched by EY, Guardtime, Microsoft, Willis Tower Watson, XL Catlin, MS Amlin and ACORD and piloted by Maersk has been a...

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Ep.16 – An Italian Commercial Insurance Blockchain Pilot

An Italian Commercial Insurance Blockchain Pilot Here at Insureblocks we love hearing about interesting real-life insurance blockchain pilots. So we were very excited to hear about the launch of...

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Ep.14 – Blockchain use cases outside of insurance

Ep.14 – Blockchain use cases outside of insurance For this week’s podcast we go out of the insurance world to explore some interesting blockchain use cases and pilots in other...

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Ep.13 – Blockchain & Trade Finance

Blockchain & Trade Finance This week’s podcast is all about blockchain in trade finance. We were very lucky to have Marilyn Blattner-Hoyle, Head of Supply Chain and Trade Finance...

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