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Blockchain is all about community and blockchain networks help create a vibrant blockchain community in the insurance sphere by letting people cooperate to build innovative products. The people behind these networks have some great perspective on how to use blockchain for the benefit of the whole industry and the challenges in bringing the insurance industry to work together for a common goal.

A difficulty that comes with different networks is that they often use different technologies and distinguishing between Ethereum, Corda and IBM Hyperledger Fabric can be challenging. Luckily, our thought leaders are here to give you a helping hand.

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Ep. 57 – AI & Blockchain – insights from Dessa

For this week’s podcast we continue into our theme at looking at new technologies that constitute the “New Stack”. Dessa is a company that specialises in offering artificial...

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Ep.55 – The Digital Chamber of Commerce – Insights on Blockchain

Trade associations play a leading role in educating the business community on the opportunities of blockchain. In this podcast we had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick South, Vice...

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Ep. 32 – IBM’s Blockchain in the Insurance Industry

For this week’s episode we had the pleasure to hear about the exciting blockchain work IBM does in the insurance industry and beyond. We very pleased to have...

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News Flash – The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance selects R3’s Corda Blockchain for Canopy 2.0

Welcome to the second episode of our News Flash series, where we share the latest developments in the blockchain space. For today’s episode we are excited to present returning...

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News Flash – B3i’s announcement at Monte Carlo 2018

Welcome to another episode of our News Flash series, where share the latest developments in the blockchain space, straight off the press. For today’s episode we are excited to...

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